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About National Relief Charities

National Relief Charities conducts a host of effective programs to help improve living conditions for Native Americans residing in isolated reservations across the plains and western states. National Relief Charities has provided support for more than two decades, operating primarily from its distribution centers that are strategically located close to the reservations. National Relief Charities extends aid to the most remote American Indian communities through its partnerships with reservation programs. The partners determine the goals they are working toward and carry out their initiatives with support from National Relief Charities.

To effectively fit the needs of differing reservation groups, the nonprofit organization developed services that address education, healthcare, nutrition, and disaster relief. Through their regional programs such as the Navajo Relief Fund, Rescue Operation for Animals of the Reservation, Native American Aid, and the Council of Indian Nations, National Relief Charities offers a total of 26 different services to the reservations. All have a focus on helping reservation programs that are working toward positive change in Native American communities. Each year, National Relief Charities takes in approximately $40 million in donations, resulting in well over 5,000 shipments to its Program Partners and about 350,000 miles driven for deliveries. Apart from supplies, NRC programs provide scholarships and educational services through reservation schools and partner colleges that empower American Indian students with career and life skills, furthering them on the road to self-sufficiency.

All of this support comes from individual donations, with over half a million people contributing annually, and in-kind organizations that donate high quality products for the reservations. National Relief Charities ensures all of its goods and resources are managed properly and support delivery of the right products at the right time within the right communities. This high level of care toward resources, systems, and partnerships allows this charity to devote over 70 percent of donations directly to reservation aid. For more information about the programs and how to get involved with National Relief Charities, visit the organization’s website at

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